Comments From Reverse-Engineering Malware Course Participants

What is the Reverse-Engineering Malware course like? Here are the comments the students have made after participating in it. If you're wondering whether the course is for you, send me a note, and I'll be glad to discuss its applicability to your situation.

In general, the feedback I receive is very positive and encouraging, and I appreciate everyone's kind words. I am also thankful for the feedback the students offer to help me improve the course by clarifying my explanation and adjusting the topics I cover. Here are some of the comments the students left on the course evaluation sheets:

"I found the course very interesting and surprisingly exciting. Makes me want to go out and start reverse engineering malware in the wild."

"Directly applicable to day-to-day activities/work. Hands on learning reinforced w/applicable, up to date, informative slides."

"Instructor clearly explained in a structural fashion many of the concepts necessary for understanding malware analysis. His thorough and well-thought out presentation is an immeasurable benefit to the student who is not familiar with the subject."

"Lenny has a very comfortable teaching style that is appropriate for both beginner and advanced students. I think some people might think this to be a scary topic to try to cover, but the instruction and courseware are top notch, and the content is very accessible."

"I found this course very helpful, and I highly recommend it for anyone interested in learning about malware and the ways to detect it."

"An excellent immersion into the world of malware analysis of different types of malware."

"The best course I took from SANS so far."

"Lenny does a great job presenting the information. This was my first time seeing a lot of this material, but he presented it in a clear, concise manner. It was very well done."

"There is no other course like this! It provides extensive knowledge as well as relevant information pertaining to today’s threats."

"If you are part of an IR team, this course is a MUST! It provides knowledge for analyzing malware properly, which helps in coming up with signature for filtering/preventing further spread of viruses when commercial virus vendor’s have to yet to release new signature for the type of virus you are dealing with."

"Lenny Zeltser is an outstanding instructor. I would take any course offered by him. He can explain difficult concepts with clarity and ease."

"This course is packed with practical techniques for analyzing malware. Lenny has an informal, approachable style and his intelligence and experience really shine through!"

"Material is presented at a reasonable pace, especially complex subject matter such as assembly code analysis."

"An excellent course that shows very practical methods of analyzing malware in an efficient manner."

"Mr. Zeltser's covering of questions is wonderful. He answers all questions regardless of their simplicity or obviousness seriously and honestly without repudiation."


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