Reflections of a Security Professional: Podcast Interview

Life rushes forward at the speed of a bullet train. I struggle finding the time to pause and reflect upon the journey travelled and the direction in which I’m heading. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to consider key moments in my professional endeavours so far during the interview that Doug Brush conducted with me for the Cyber Security Interviews podcast.

If you’d like to know what events and decisions have affected my career to date, you might find this interview of interest. You’ll learn a bit about me and also hear what I’ve learned along the way.

You can listen to the interview using the embedded player below or at the official podcast page:


The topics we covered during the conversation include:

  • Getting started and making progress in information security
  • The need for business, communication and other non-techie skills
  • The role of professional certifications and formal education
  • The challenges of seeking advice and learning from failures
  • Being inspired by, interacting with, and learning from others

I found the interview strangely therapeutic and enjoyed talking about myself for a change :-) But beyond it being all about me, me, me, perhaps other members of the community might benefit from the experiences I shared during the conversation. Thanks, Doug, for taking the interest in speaking with me.


About the Author

Lenny Zeltser develops teams, products, and programs that use information security to achieve business results. Over the past two decades, Lenny has been leading efforts to establish resilient security practices and solve hard security problems. As a respected author and speaker, he has been advancing cybersecurity tradecraft and contributing to the community. His insights build upon 20 years of real-world experiences, a Computer Science degree from the University of Pennsylvania, and an MBA degree from MIT Sloan.

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