New Job, New Challenges, New Opportunities

Change is exciting and a bit scary. I’ve recently joined an amazing team at Radiant Systems (now part of NCR) to grow a service that can support and safeguard IT infrastructure of small and midsized businesses. My initial focus is on helping companies in retail and hospitality industries.

From a security perspective, smaller businesses cannot afford the managed services designed for enterprise environments. Yet, they are plagued by IT-related issues ranging from operational outages to malware infections. Though high-profile breaches of large firms often dominate the headlines, security issues at the numerous small and midsize companies take a tremendous toll on our society. My hope is that my colleagues and I improve the situation.

I will miss working with my old team. And I am looking forward to getting to know and accomplishing great things with my new colleagues.


Lenny Zeltser

P.S. This change will not affect my involvement in the personal projects I pursue, such as teaching at SANS Institute or maintaining the Reverse-Engineering Malware course.


About the Author

Lenny Zeltser develops products and programs that use security to achieve business results. He is the CISO at Axonius and Faculty Fellow at SANS Institute. Lenny has been leading efforts to establish resilient security practices and solve hard security problems for over two decades. A respected author and practitioner, he has been advancing tradecraft and contributing to the community. His insights build upon real-world experience, a Computer Science degree from the University of Pennsylvania, and an MBA degree from MIT Sloan.

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