Life’s Inspirations

Some time ago I conducted a project during which I asked visitors to my site to tell me what inspires them—things they consider “natural highs.” As a result of this effort, I’ve collected more than two thousand statements, which I am happy to present here.

So as not to overwhelm you, I’ve configured this page to display several such statements at random. You can see a new set by reloading the page.

  • Friday Evening or whenever your “Friday” is.
  • Waking up naturally (no alarm clocks).
  • Bungie Jumping!!!!
  • Watching a old couples still loving each other after 40 years.
  • Comfortable leather shoes.
  • Reuniting with a childhood girlfriend & finding out that you have more in common than you thought.
  • Learning to play an instrument.
  • Overhearing the guy that I’ve been admiring softly whisper my name into the midnight sky just outside the ice skating rink. (The littlest things tend to make me swoon!).
  • Watching trout swimming upstream in a spring swollen brook.
  • A great idea.
  • People on time, and with manners.
  • The minutes after your babies are born.
  • The gift of being the first one down the mountain after a fresh snowfall; quiet all around you, sparkly gemstones in the snow.
  • Silence in cold winter.
  • Walking in the woods at St Johns University in Collegeville, MN and seeing deer and they do not run away in fear.

About the Author

Lenny Zeltser develops teams, solutions, and programs that use information security to achieve business results. Over the past two decades, Lenny has been leading efforts to establish resilient security practices and solve hard security problems. As a respected author and speaker, he has been advancing cybersecurity tradecraft and contributing to the community. His insights build upon 20 years of real-world experiences, a Computer Science degree from the University of Pennsylvania, and an MBA degree from MIT Sloan.

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