Life’s Inspirations

Some time ago I conducted a project during which I asked visitors to my site to tell me what inspires them—things they consider “natural highs.” As a result of this effort, I’ve collected more than two thousand statements, which I am happy to present here.

So as not to overwhelm you, I’ve configured this page to display several such statements at random. You can see a new set by reloading the page.

  • Acting in the theater.
  • Seeing a shooting star.
  • Being the ACC champs.
  • Surfing a 16 knots under spinnaker in Bullwinkle.
  • Rolling in snow after jumping out of a hot tub, totally naked.
  • Finding out your wife is pregnant.
  • Having a copper behind you thinking he’s going to pull you over when he passes you and pulls the guy in front of you over.
  • Listening to your favorite CD after a hard workday.
  • Finding a really close parking space when you have a lot to carry!!
  • Going home at the end of a gruesome day at work, and being greeted by a hug, a cup of tea and a waggy dog.
  • Cooking your lover’s favourite dish and watching him enjoy it thoroughly (And making love after that).
  • Our first Christmas together!
  • Conversing, haltingly and tentatively, in a language other than your native one.
  • Finally getting off a bus with a really bad driver.
  • Going for a walk without a jacket on the first warm day of spring.

About the Author

Lenny Zeltser is a seasoned business and technology leader with extensive information security experience. He builds innovative endpoint defense solutions as VP of Products at Minerva Labs. In a previous role, he was responsible for security product management at NCR Corp. Lenny also trains incident response and digital forensics professionals at SANS Institute. He frequently speaks at industry events, writes articles and has co-authored books. Lenny has earned the prestigious GIAC Security Expert designation, has an MBA from MIT Sloan and a Computer Science degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

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