My Favorite Information Security Authors in the Past Year

I’ve been documenting my favorite on-line information security reads on weekly basis. Curious to see which of the authors appeared in my “favorites” listings most often, I tallied up the results for the past year. Here is what the data shows…

I mentioned roughly 250 security papers and articles. There were roughly 165 authors in the data set; about 125 of them were mentioned once and 25 were mentioned twice. The remaining 14 authors were mentioned 3 or more times:

Brian Krebs
Mike Rothman
Gunter Ollmann
Michael Dahn
Ed Moyle
Rich Mogull
Richard Bejtlich
Ben Tomhave
Greg Hoglund
Gunnar Peterson
Jeremiah Grossman
Jon Oltsik
Russell Thomas
Vyacheslav Zakorzhevsky

I listed only the top 14 authors, because of space limitations. To see the full data set, which includes the listing of all the authors and links to the articles and papers I highlighted in the past year, download my Excel file for 2010-2011 (xlsx).

A heartfelt thank you to all the information security authors, bloggers and researchers who take the time to share their knowledge on-line. I love learning from your experiences and insights, and am looking forward to reading your articles and postings for many years to come.

Lenny Zeltser


About the Author

Lenny Zeltser is a seasoned business and tech leader with extensive cybersecurity experience. He builds innovative endpoint defense solutions as VP of Products at Minerva Labs. Beforehand, he was responsible for security product management at NCR Corp. Lenny also trains incident response and digital forensics professionals at SANS Institute. An engaging presenter, he speaks at industry events, writes articles and has co-authored books. Lenny has earned the prestigious GIAC Security Expert designation, has an MBA from MIT Sloan and a Computer Science degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

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