Combating Malware in the Enterprise: New SANS Course

The challenges of dealing with malware seem to be escalating. While there are some good references for protecting a single system, the skills for combating malware at the enterprise scale are hard to come by. That’s why I collaborated with Jason Fossen to create a 2-day course titled SEC569: Combating Malware in the Enterprise for SANS Institute.

Jason is an expert in Windows security in the enterprise environment and teaches the SEC505: Securing Windows course at SANS. I’ve been focusing on malware issues, and teach the FOR610: Reverse-Engineering Malware course.

The Focus of the Combating Malware Course

The new course teaches a practical approach to discovering and mitigating malware threats in an enterprise environment. It’s more focused than SEC505 and is not as technical as FOR610. If you have a general security, systems or networking background and need to understand malware threats and defenses in the context of enterprise environments, then new is for you.

Help Spread the Word, Please

Launching a new course is a bit like launching a start-up: the biggest initial challenge is to let people know about it. So, if you know a person who will benefit from knowing how to discover malware and harden IT infrastructure against infections, could you let them know about the course?

Details about the new course are on

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