About Me

I'm Lenny Zeltser. I design practical security solutions and shepherd them to a sustainable state. I used to be hands-on in many areas of cybersecurity and IT. Now I focus on strategy and leadership, treating security as an enabler that helps people and companies achieve their goals.

As the CISO of Axonius, I lead the security program to earn customers' trust and fuel the company's growth. Earlier, I built security products and services. I'm also a Faculty Fellow at SANS Institute, where I create and deliver security training. I've been advancing cybersecurity practices for over two decades, building upon real-world experiences, a Computer Science degree from the University of Pennsylvania, and an MBA from MIT Sloan.

I'm good at giving shape to an idea and turning the initial thought into something that thrives in the real world. This has been a common thread throughout my professional activities. For example:

  • At Axonius, an IT asset management startup, I've been leading the security program since the program's inception.
  • At SANS Institute, a provider of cybersecurity training, I created malware analysis training when this field was still unexplored.
  • At Savvis, a hosting provider now a part of Lumen, I led security consulting services during the dawn of cloud computing.
  • At NCR, a global technology provider, I developed a managed security service to help restaurants and retailers that didn't think they could afford security.
  • At Minerva Labs, a cybersecurity company, I led product management during the early stages of the firm to build innovative antimalware software.

I shape security practices by teaching at SANS Institute and sharing knowledge through writing, public speaking, and community projects. I was one of the first to earn the prestigious GIAC Security Expert certification. I created the Linux toolkit REMnux, which is used by malware analysts throughout the world.

To learn more about me, take a look at my blog and connect with me on Twitter.