10 Step Guide to Hacking Logs

Hacking logs can be a stress-relieving experience for many, strengthening both the body and spirit. Here is my 10-step guide to log hacking:

  1. Put on safety gear, such as goggles and boots to protect your eyes and feet.
  2. Examine the log you’re planning to hack to confirm it has no embedded metal, such as nails.
  3. Place the log upright on the flat surface of the chopping base.
  4. Plant your feet firmly on the ground in an athletic stance, with one foot slightly in front of the other.
  5. Use both hands to hold your axe.
  6. Touch with the axe the spot of the log where you plan to strike the wood.
  7. Steadily raise the axe over your head, gradually sliding one of your hands slightly towards the head of the axe.
  8. With a swift motion, bring down the axe, striking the spot you aimed to hit.
  9. The head of the axe may become embedded in the wood, partially splitting the log. In that case, tap the axe with the log against the choping base to slowly split the wood.
  10. Stack the hacked pieces of wood to the side to avoid cluttering the area near the chopping base.

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Lenny Zeltser


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