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Security Management Practices

Many of my recent articles examine tactical and strategic aspects information security management. Read these articles here.

Information Security Assessments

In these articles, I've summarized my advice on security assessment practices, including penetration testing. Read these articles here.

Combating Malicious Software

These articles describe my perspective on the evolution of malware and associated defensive techniques. Read these articles here.

Network and Operating System Security

These articles focus on measures for securing network and OS-level aspects of IT infrastructure. Read these articles here.

History of Technology

I wrote several papers that examine the history of technology.

The World-Wide Web: Origins and Beyond

This often-cited article discusses the history and the structure of the Web, and offers a peak at the future of information sharing.

The Early History of Radio Broadcasting

This paper explores early radio broadcasting efforts by the United States and the Soviet Union.

Education and the Internet

This paper examines views of American Founders on education, and applies them to the Internet's role as a catalyst for improving the American education system.

Miscellaneous Research

Below you will find details of miscellaneous topics I have had a chance research.

Information Retrieval with Natural Language Processing

This paper documents my team's thesis research on natural language processing systems for retrieving documents based on short queries.