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Presentations and Speaking

Here are some of my recent presentations, which I have given via webcasts, at corporate events, and at conferences.

Reverse-Engineering Malware

This course, which I teach at SANS Institute, discusses tools and techniques for analyzing malicious software.

Understanding Information Security Investigations

I contributed a chapter on malware analysis to this multi-author book on digital forensics.

Inside Network Perimeter Security

This book, which I produced and co-authored, is a practical guide to designing, deploying, and maintaining network defenses.

Various Research

Security Management

Many of my recent articles examine tactical and strategic aspects information security management.

Information Security Assessments

In these articles, I've summarized my advice on security assessment practices, including penetration testing.

Combating Malicious Software

These articles describe my perspective on malware threats and associated defensive techniques.

Network and OS Security

These papers focus on measures for securing network and OS-level aspects of IT infrastructure.

Toy Chest

Random Information Security Job Title Generator

There are lots of varitions of "information security" titles. Try generating some at random!

Life's Inspirations

"Lying in bed listening to the rain outside." "Laughing for no reason at all." See what inspires people of the world.

High-Five Calvin

Slap a high five to the infamous Calvin, just because you have nothing better to do.

The Poetry Corner

When feeling particularly inspired, I write short verse. Curious about the results? Take a look.

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